Real estate professionals can change the way people experience home buying, building and selling using our Augmented Reality Technology.

Augmented reality is becoming increasingly popular technology in the Real Estate industry, as it allows real estate professionals to offer a unique experience and perspective to potential buyers by digitally touring properties from anywhere in the world.

As a developer, it's often hard to have a prospective buyer visualize the end product. This causes longer sales times, reduces the ability to pre-sell projects, leaves funds stuck in projects longer and delays the cycle.

What is its purpose

With AR, you can now show prospective buyers what the end product will be, adding a concrete level of tangibility and increasing the ability to pre-sell projects.

What is its goal?

It’s to revolutionize the market and the purchase process. Providing a 3D walk through to give personalised experience to the buyer.

Why Augmented Reality


View your perfect home using AR at the convenience of your smartphone/ tablet

3D Walk through

Augmented Real 3D walk through at site, and walk inside the 3D model to visualise rooms, dimensions, lighting

Trial and cataloguing

How can you decide to buy a property which is not constructed yet? well, now you can.


No need of clunky headsets or additional hardwares. Why spend heavily when you can experience it using your smartphone

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